1. Vampire Facelift:

The Vampire Facelift is a procedure to healthy, youthful, and rejuvenated skin, but done quickly and without surgery. This procedure is able to do this by using your own bodys healing and regeneration properties. The Vampire Facelift is a clinic procedure, and results can be experienced on the same day, with continual benefit of skin rejuvenation lasting for months - even over a year - after the procedure. The Vampire Facelift is actually not a surgical facelift at all, but rather a type of skin treatment using the bodys own natural healing and growth factors that are derived from your own blood (hence the name The Vampire Facelift ), combined with a hyaluronic acid dermal filler. The procedure is a near painless series of injections into strategic areas of the face to reduce wrinkles, add youthful volume, and improve the quality of your skin.
Uses of Vampire facelift

  • The platelet solution is placed after a numbing cream has been applied, resulting in a near painless application. Platelet solution contains at least eight of the body's own concentrated growth factors to rejuvenate the face in several ways.
  • Increases the blood flow to the skin, resulting in healthier and flawless skin.
  • Increases new cell formation for skin renewal.
  • Causes production of new collagen, the major component of facial skin that decreases in facial aging.
  • Activates the stem cells in the skin, resulting in the generation of new, younger-skin.
  • A quick procedure that keeps working for several months.

vampire-facelift The Vampire Facelift procedure only takes about an hour to complete, and that includes the: blood drawn, preparation of the PRP, platelet-rich fibrin matrix, and The Vampire Facelift treatment itself. Since skin renewal and rejuvenation is using the body's own active regeneration components, facial skin renewal is continual for about 3 months after the procedure. The overall effects of the Vampire Facelift can last for over a year. The Vampire Facelift is for everyone. People with more advanced signs of aging may benefit more by adding Botox applications. People with less visible signs of aging may benefit from using less extensive non-surgical procedures like hyaluronic acid fillers and platelet-rich plasma alone.
Areas treated by the Vampire Facelift :-
Lines at corners of the mouth
  • Bunny lines or bunny nose dynamic wrinkles on the nose
  • Crow feet (lines in corners of the eyes)
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Frown lines
  • Smile lines

2. Medicated Facials:

What is Medi Facials and how does it Work?
Facials are to face, like deep conditioning and blow drying are to hair. It is very important that the right products best suited for your skin - depending on the time of the year - are used; along with safe and effective tools. The process and the therapist in itself play a role in the end result.
What is the Procedure?
Depending on your aesthetic goal, what your skin needs assessment the right facial is suggested for you. Thereafter the creams for treatment are chosen. We have an array of different types of facials depending on the creams and the devices used. A facial may take anywhere between 45 mins to an hour and 15 mins. Some include relaxing for the neck and back massages as well.

    Types of Facials we offer ?
  • Clean up Best suited for oily, acne prone skin. Skin with built up black and white heads, dead skin,etc.
  • Hydrating facial Very effective for mature dry skin, dull skin, dehydrated skin and simply when you need to relax and get back your natural fresh beauty.
  • Illuminating facial Combined with a peel this works brilliantly for dull skin and skin that needs a fresh glow to 'wake-up'.
  • Oxy facial and oxy hair treatment It is literally like a fountain of youth. Its a cooling, soothing, healing and nourishing, all in one. Different types of serums are sprayed, along with pure oxygen while conducting this special treatment. When we work on the scalp, we use peptides in combination with other actives for hair growth. Its one of our most popular treatment. Causes production of new collagen, the major component of facial skin that decreases in facial aging.
  • Hydrafacial It is a combination of mild exfoliation, suction and infusion, leaving the skin squeaky clean and breathing fresh. Its best suited for a slightly oily and dull skin .
  • Pollogen facial This is our hero. The best facial for any skin, any age. Its a great combination of radiofrequency, oxygenating exfoliation and a low level laser stimulation with revival and brightening creams that work magic on your face . This is the go-to facial for a red carpet look.
  • Laser facial Laser facial, laser toning, laser bleaching this treatment has many names. It is best suited for pigmented skin, skin with uneven skin tone, a patchy complexion and fine but dark hair on your face and body. It also works well over many sittings for collagen stimulation and tightening of open pores.

medicated-facials When do i see the result ?
Instantly. And the results will last about 10 to 15 days. But facials are more like watering a plant; you need them to nourish your skin. It's an on-going process and should be repeated regularly for achieving the best results that are long lasting.
What can go wrong?
Plenty can go wrong when even the best creams are used for the wrong skin type, tools are not sterilised and massages are not in the right directions. Hence it is important not to take it lightly. Rest assured, at Dr. Swati'ss you are in safe, professional hands where utmost care is taken for your treatment so you dont have to worry.

3. Skin Lightening:

We uses a medical pigment lightening agent with the ionic properties of galvanic current to lighten and brighten the skin. The enzymes that are used are the mildest peeling agents available that restore the radiance of healthy skin. A specialist lightening ampule and mask is applied to further lighten the pigmentation and brighten the skin. Skin whitening is the practice of using substances, mixtures, or physical treatments to lighten skin color Skin whitening treatments work by reducing the content of melanin of the skin. Many agents have been shown to be effective in skin whitening; some have beneficial side effects. E.g.: antioxidants, nutrients, or decrease the risk of some types of cancer some are a significant risk to health.
Treatment Summary

  • Fractional and Conventional Q- Switch 1064.
  • MicroDermabrasion.
  • Moving C02 Laser.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.
  • Medications.
  • Medicated Facials.
  • Use Glutathione based skin whitening injections for a complete skin care. Glutathione skin whitening injections are providing the best remedy to the millions of people against dozens of skin problems. Every day, thousands of people in different parts of the country visit glutathione skin for lightening skin tone and get rid of aging symptoms.

skin-lightening Cause of Skin Lightening Depigmentation of the skin can be caused by a number of local and systemic conditions. The pigment loss can be partial (such as after injury to the skin) or complete (such as from vitiligo). It can be temporary (such as from tinea versicolor) or permanent (such as from albinism).

4. Semi Permanent Make-Up:

Semi-permanent make-up, also known as micropigmentation, is a form of temporary cosmetic tattooing which allows you to have long-lasting eyeliner and lip colour as well as being able to shape and contour your eyebrows. The procedure involves tiny particles of pigment being placed beneath the surface of the skin, much like a tattoo. This pigment will stay in the skin for a number of years, gradually breaking down and fading with time, although the longevity of the results will depend on your age and skin type. Micropigmentation techniques have been refined in recent years and a wider selection of pigment colours have been developed so that technicians can create ultra-natural looks. Only a trained semi-permanent make-up artist can perform this treatment. Many technicians are also beauty therapists or nurses but as this is a specialist skill it requires separate training.. In addition to being commonly used for cosmetic enhancement to enhance the eyebrows, eyelids, lips and cheeks, semi-permanent make-up may also be used to create an areola (brown area around the nipple) after mastectomy or to disguise scars. People that suffer from vitiligo which is a chronic disorder that causes depigmentation in patches of skin can also benefit from semi-permanent makeup.
Lines at corners of the mouth

  • Areola (nipple) tattooing following mastectomy
  • Eyebrow reconstruction for alopecia patients and those who have lost hair through burns, operations or accidents
  • Camouflage of vitiligo
  • Camouflage of surgical scars (See our section on Medical Tattooing for more information on this).
  • People who should not have treatment are those with an active skin disease or infection, women who are pregnant or breast feeding, insulin dependent diabetics, people with heart conditions and those who are prone to keloid scarring.

semi-permanent-make-up Am I a Candidate for Semi Permanent Cosmetics?

Anyone who wears make-up is a potential candidate for semi-permanent make-up. If you lack colour and shape to your lips and want to enhance them without having dermal fillers; if you regularly pencil in your eyebrows or would like to give them a better shape or fill in gaps where they have been over plucked; if you want to enhance your eyes and want the effects of eyeliner without the running and under eye smudging; if you want to open up your eyes and raise your eyebrows without the need for a brow lift; if you are allergic to traditional cosmetics or if you simply want to save time by not having to apply a full face of make-up every day, then semi-permanent make-up could be an option for you. The ideal candidate for this treatment will also have realistic expectations about what it can achieve.

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